Monday, January 4, 2010

Walking on water

One of the best parts of winter here is the hiking we can do on rivers and creeks. In the summer these would be almost impassable, but with a layer of ice and snow, they become paths going through steep, rocky cliffs.

Suzanne's son Steve is visiting from California
and so we hiked today on deer trails through the woods. When we got to Crow Creek we hiked up it. At first there were some other tracks but then there were only animal tracks and ours. It felt like maybe we were the first people to go there.

Some places had very steep sides and others lots of trees and moss. We could see blue sky above, but during the winter the sun never hits these deep places.
Lucy the dog loves hiking up the river. When we can hear the water bubbling under the ice, she sometimes sniffs around looking for it.

This feels like a winter gift--surprises folded into the landscape, smooth ways where there were heaps of rocks and brush.
Here is a water fall that seems to have frozen almost instantly.
What gift this is--walking on water--exploring God's good earth.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I can almost hear the wind and feel the cold ... and the peace. Thank you for bringing me there!