Monday, March 15, 2010

The ice disappearing from the big lake

The lake has been so lovely the last few weeks,
with a layer of ice forming at night and then breaking up and drifting in. The ice sounds like a trillion tiny wind chimes as the water ripples through it and around it.
For the last week it hasn't frozen at night, so now the ice is gone. We walk the beach daily, picking up rocks and enjoying the warmth of the sun.
Lucy the dog thinks it's swim season and in she goes for one swim after another.

So much water and light; from pink in the morning to blue and back to pink at night.
Some ravens are nesting behind the house. We are watching them bring materials to the nest. We have the binocs in the bathroom so we can look out the window and see them at work. Their babies are very noisy, so we should be in for some fun.
I feel so thankful to live somewhere where we see so much beauty.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The glory of God: spotted in the woods and over the lake

We were staying in our guest house this last weekend because some folks were retreating in the main house. When we stay there, in that smaller space, it feels like a retreat for us too....since there's a limit to the number of chores we can do.
So instead we did lots of hiking in the afternoons. We went to one of our favorite Boundary Waters Lakes--Clearwater, and hiked across it, looking down at the beautiful palisades.

Then we hiked along the path to Caribou Rock, and looked east and west as the sun was sinking
low in the sky. The birds are just beginning to sing some springier songs, as if they are thinking that mating days are not far off. Afterwards we stopped at The Trail Center for supper and met some friends and had great conversation about the unepected joys in our lives.

On Saturday we went to another favorite area--Grand Portage. We hiked up Mt. Josephine which is quite a hike, up, up and up. The view is out over the big lake and you can see Isle Royale and the Suzy Islands in the glittering distance.
The Last Sunday of Epihpany the readings were about Christ's Transfiguration, I asked people where they had seen the glory of God. Some talked about the birth of a baby, others about times of experiencing the divine. Many of us talked about being out in nature.
So many wonderful opportunities to see and give thanks for the glory of God.