Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday, we went snow shoeing up the Devil Track River. Eighteen months ago there was a torrential rain storm which washed many trees down this river and down various creeks into this river. The bridge crossing Highway 61 was nearly pushed out by the debri.
So the trees that are left standing along the edge of the river are ones that have hung on. I was fascinated with their roots as I passed them, curling down around rocks and into any little crevasse they could find.
This root seems to have sought so hard for any
place to hold on and to find nourishment, straining and struggling over hard stone.
It's curved around so long past this rock that it slmost looks like it's is rock itself.
Our spiritual quest is like this: like our putting roots down seeking nourishment, stability
and meaning. We have something to learn from trees--as they send out roots seeking, always seeking.
Ibelieve that there is something in each of us that longs for meaning and depth, that we, despite the ways we may have used distractions, are seeking, always seeking God.

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  1. Oh wow. What awe-inspiring pictures! I love how you likened these amazing tree roots to our spiritual walk. The deeper rooted our faith, the easier it is to hang on through the storms of life!!!

    Thank you.