Friday, June 10, 2011

Finding a new waterfall

Last week some friends told us about a waterfall they'd wanted to visit. I had heard about this waterfall, or actually seen it at the Art Colony show: Biophilia--Sacred and Inner Outer Landscapes. One painter had mentioned a waterfall just off the Arrowhead. "I wonder where that it?" I thought.

When some friends told me someone had mentioned a waterfall they'd never heard of, we went looking....we figured out where it might be and started fighting our way through undergrowth near a one point we could actually hear a waterfall, but couldn't see how to get to it.

Just when we had given up, gone back to the car and started to go we saw a faint trail going into some woods. We re-parked and followed the trail and there we found it.

What an amazing thing to live somewhere where you might meet a new many places I've lived a waterfall would be crawling with people.

Come to WindCradle and I'll take you to the falls!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

watery spring

Water everywhere. Lake Superior doesn't really freeze very often, and so we see her moving all winter....some fabulous storms and then calm days.

Then the rivers taking all the snow melt and bringing it down to Mother Superior. Here's the falls on the Brule and above a beach near where the river comes into the big lake.

And so it's time to put away snowshoes and get out hiking boots, put away cross country skis and get out our canoes. This picture is from our last snowshoe on the Crow Creek near our house...that day you could hear the river bubbling and roaring under our feet.

It's an amazing privilege to live so near water like this...the light seems to be everywhere. Watch the world come alive!