Monday, November 29, 2010

First lovely snowfall...

The big storms of the season have been bringing us big waves and precipitation. Near the big lake where it's warmer, we often get rain, when up the hill and inland they have snow.

On Thanksgiving Eve, we had wind and real blizzard like conditions coming out of our church service up at Maple Hill. We could hardly see the road coming down the Gunflint Trail.....

And then near the big lake, it was rain.

Still, we can go up the hill for snow. Great snowshoeing on Thanksgiving, skiing, the day after and snowshoeing again the next day.

It's amazing to live in a place where seasons are so different and it's almost always possible to get out and be in the beautiful woods.

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  1. Hey Mary Ellen! I have been re-reading Kristin Lavransdatter and wondering how you are. Glad I 'found' you :). We are living in NYC (!?) and expecting a second daughter in March.

    blessings and hugs
    christin curran