Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great fun for a great cause!

A number of wonderful musicians donated their time and talents last night for our Haiti Party....here they are playing and singing! Lots of great eating, conversation and dancing.

I loved the way the children danced and played in the middle of the scene...made me think "how great to raise kids in the middle of this kind of community!"

Dancing and a wood burning stove kept us toasty throughout the evening. Young and old, differently abled--with a wheel chair and crutches out on the floor--agile and less so....a great time was had by all!

We don't know yet how much money we took in for Haiti, but we're thinking this kind of evening may become a regular part of our "ministry" here--bringing the community together to kick up their heels for a good cause.

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  1. How absolutely wonderful. I have to admit I enlarged the photos and was completely captivated by the total JOY I see. Even the kids are smiling! They must all know they were part of a wonderful, wonderful thing. Bless you all.