Monday, December 21, 2009

Peace on Earth...

I think back to years of holiday frenzy--parties,
shopping, making and wrapping presents. Oh and cooking, baking, taking kids to plays, concerts and pageants. Not to mention getting cards out and presents for anyone vaguely associated with the family. And then there was the mall and traffic. By the time we were within a week of Christmas, I felt frantic.

Which may help explain why I love living in Grand Marais during this season. We did have some folks over for dinner the other night and we sang for awhile. A group of women chatted about Christmas past and that pressure. I went to join some women I've come to admire for a holiday gathering. But mainly, I've been slowly making some presents, walking in the fresh snow, and watching the big lake. I listen to some seasonal music on the radio.

I find myself thinking, "Yes, this is how it was meant to be: a time of pondering, of slow beauty, and deep dark nights. Of stitching and praying for someone as I knit or sew. This is how Christmas is meant to be."
I've got to wonder how society has taken such a season and made it so painful and frenetic for so many.
I'm so thankful to be in a place which invites this pace, this waiting, this silent expectancy.

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  1. I have been looking at some of your posts and thoroughly enjoying your blog. What an exquisite place to live! The photos are so peaceful.

    Merry Christmas!