Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Love of Dog!

In the last couple weeks I've had the chance to talk about my book, Dogspell: The Gospel According to Dog. Here I'm reading at Drury Lane Books in Grand Marais; I also did a talk related to the book and our god images at the Sacred Ground Center in St. Paul.

As I read from the book, and see
people's reactions,
I remember how hard it is for us to
remember that we are beloved.

Or as one person said at this salon
at Drury Lane Books, "How different would the world be, if we believed, really
believed, we were loved?!"

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  1. I miss you Mary Ellen! I am so proud of you for being so tech-savvy and having a blog! Way to keep up with the times. I still keep hoping now and again that I'll find you on facebook...but I know that probably wouldn't be your cup of tee. On the plus side, you could create a webpage advertising Windcradle on it, though, which people could become "fans" of and where you could send out updates. Just a thought!

    I hope that at some point, Emily and I can come back up and explore more of the boundary waters and the surrounding area with you. I'd love to be able to take more pictures of such gorgeous landscapes!

    Give Suzanne my dearest greetings! Michigan's loss is Minnesota's gain! :-)

    Rob Morrison